Is online gambling illegal in nz

Is online gambling illegal in nz casino video slot machines sale

In New Zealand only the types of gambling specifically mentioned in the Gambling Act are allowed. For people, communities and businesses For central and ilegal government What's new on this site Forms to download Publications and Reports Data and statistics About us Contact Us.

Sales promotions in the form of a lottery and conducted in New Zealand are excluded from the ban on remote interactive gambling. The definition of remote interactive gambling includes "gambling by a person at a distance by interaction through a communication device. However, sales promotions that are not lotteries may fall under the definition of remote interactive gambling. There is a mobile optimized version of this page, view AMP Version. No liability for players The terms of the Gambling Act are very clear—it is not explicitly prohibited nor explicitly illegal for a player living in New Zealand to play at an online casino that is based overseas. Gamling recommend sites proven safe and secure with.

This online gambling guide on the legal status of casinos, gambling. Learn about Online Gambling in New Zealand. Discover the history of gambling in New Zealand, legal regulations & popular gambling culture. Gambling has been a part of New Zealand life for centuries now. While it has undergone some periods of strict regulation, today, Kiwis are legally allowed to.

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